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Christmas Nativity Scene at Notre-Dame de Paris November.2017~January.2018

Christmas is a very important day in France. You can see the Nativity Scene in many French homes, which reproduces the anecdotes of Jesus birth with small models. You can also visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, the representative cathedral of Paris.


Christmas Window Display November.2017~January.2018


In Paris, Christmas decorations can be seen everywhere from a month before Christmas. Gallery Lafayette, Printemps Department Store, BHV, Bon Marche, etc. It will be one of the great fun of the trip to see different Christmas decorations every year from the glass wall outside the department store.


Ice Skating December.2017~January.2018

Outdoor ice skating rinks are open all over Paris including the City Hall of Paris, Champ de Mars and La Defense. It is one of the activities not to be missed in winter trips in Paris.

Merveilleux Festival   26.December.2017 ~7.January.2018

Storytellers, magicians, dancers, musicians, tap dancers and other artists come together to create a dream-like time. Various performances using digital technology, 3D art, and optical illusion are unfolded. Christmas lights spread out everywhere will create a more special atmosphere.


     New Year's Eve     31.December.2017

Paris's biggest holiday event! Do not miss the countdowns and fireworks from the Champs-Elysées. The 3D images embroidered on the Arc de Triomphe are also a big draw. It starts at 11:30 pm.


The Grand Parade

Parade to commemorate the New Year! It is scheduled to commemorate the start of 2018 on Champs Elysees. It will bring unforgettable memories and atmosphere to the start of the new year in Paris.

Winter Sales 10.January~20.February.2018

The year-round event in Paris, a major winter sale begins. It is the day many people are waiting for the Parisians to hide their purses as usual for this day. You can enjoy shopping at discounted prices up to 50% including the latest items, and the more you sell, the bigger the time goes by.

    Paris Fashion Week 17.January~6.March.2018

Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week! Men's fashion, haute couture, and women's fashion. During this time, various fashion people from all over the world can meet in Paris.

  The Hidden Side of Paris  2.February~4.February.2018

More than 100 spaces, normally closed, are open to the public for just three days. Only online reservations are made, and the place is only on tickets, so it is still a secret to the general public. Without knowing anything, you will select the activity you want and some events will be free.


Paris Carnival

Paris Carnival, one of the most historic carnivals in the world! A colorful parade full of music leads from Gambetta Square to Lefebulik Square. You can enjoy the festive atmosphere with local residents, artists, street artists and musicians.


Art Capital

It is an art fair held in Grand Palais, where you can enjoy the works of over 2,000 artists including painters, sculptors, photographers, architects and more. It will be an opportunity to see arts from various fields in one place.

Chinese New Year

Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations also take place in Paris, where there is a huge Asian community. There are various traditional events such as concerts, special exhibitions and parades around the 13th district of Paris.

Le Printemps du Cinéma

Le Printemps du Cinéma, the spring of cinema. Film lovers are the long-awaited movie event of the year and can watch all the movies at 4 Euros in major cinemas in France. It will be an opportunity to meet movies of various genres inexpensively.

Drawing Now Art Fair

This exhibition is a glimpse of the changes in contemporary art in the last 50 years. It is held in the beautiful indoor market of Paris 3, and you can enjoy the works of over 400 artists invited from all over the world.


Art Paris Art Fair

The 20th anniversary of the large-scale art fair, with works from 140 galleries around the world will be gathered at the Grand Palais. It is an opportunity to appreciate not only the modern art of Paris but also works from all over Europe, and also the emerging works from all over the world.


The Color Run Paris

A special way to enjoy the spring of Paris, 'The Color Run'! The marathon Hensa, which is popular in the world, unfolds in Paris. Colorful colors and music spread along the Seine of Paris. The whole body can experience a different experience in various colors. The color powder used at the event is said to be safe with 100% natural products.


Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés festival

The Saint Germain Jazz Festival is held every spring! It is held in various places including Odeon and Sorbon including Saint Germain, and it can be purchased online in advance or purchased locally one hour before the show.


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