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How to access the Wi-Fi free of charge in Paris?

Paris Free Wi-Fi is a free internet service offered by the Ville de Paris and the Île-de-France region. It provides users with free access to a high-speed wireless internet connection. The network is open to all, residents and visitors alike.

Paris Free Wi-Fi is available to everyone in over 296 public places in Paris. Parks, gardens, district town halls, libraries and museums in the City of Paris have this facility. For exemples, Hotel de Ville, Place de la République (East), Rue Lafayette, 88 rue de Rivoli, Port de Solférino (near Eiffel Tower), quai Saint Bernard etc.

How do I connect to Paris Free Wi-Fi?

1. Buildings and parks equipped with Free Wi-Fi access points will be clearly signposted. Look out for the Paris-Wifi logo, which lets you know when you are in a Paris Wi-Fi zone. Find the Paris Wi-Fi sign with the Paris Wi-Fi logo. This means that you are in a Paris Wi-Fi zone.

2. Turn on your laptop, tablet or smartphone and select the network PARIS_WI-FI_ (this wifi name will generally be followed by a number, identifying the specific wifi point to which you are connecting).

3. Open your usual web browser and enter any website address. You will automatically be redirected to the Paris Wi-Fi access portal. When this welcome page has loaded, fill in your details and tick the box to accept the conditions of use. Then click ‘CONNECT' / ‘ME CONNECTER'

4. You can now surf the web, send and receive emails etc.

This service is free.

Remember: each session lasts 2 hours. Once this time expires you can reconnect as soon as you like, by repeating the connection process described above.