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When you are travelling to a new place the biggest worry  for all of us is  connectivity and communication. We dont know which service to trust and which telecommunication company to go with, and end up making ignorant choices.

We have tried to simplify your choices and provide you with good deals so you can travel fuss free and stay connected at all times.

Here is a list of communication service companies and packages for travelers!



Orange is one of the most famous telecommunication services in France.
At the airport you can purchase the  SIM card for about 40 euros, but if purchased through 0'Bon Paris, you get the same Sim card for 37, 90 euros. You can now also order online and have it shipped to your home before travelling.

14 days, 10GB data, 4G communication in about 40 countries in Europe, 2 hours of calls to all over the world.

The process could'nt be simpler , all you need to do is purhase the sim card ,insert the SIM  in an unlocked mobile phone, and reboot or restart your phone and your ready to use the sim. Your 14 days start as soon as you use the interent.


Purchase  here ↓



Three SIM

Three SIM cards can be purchased at a discount price of 31,90 euros, when purchased through O'Bon Paris.
In addition to 300 minutes of calls in the UK and 3000 SMS, 3G data communication throughout Europe is available for 9 GB for 30 days. Like Orange's SIM card, the usage period is calculated from the moment of using the Internet.


Purchase from here ↓




◎ Package 1

5 €: 5 day plan. 1 hour talk (France domestic) + mail unlimited + 20M data communication possible.

10 €: 10 day plan. Call unlimited (France domestic) + mail unlimited + 100M data communication possible.

20 €: 1 month plan. Call unlimited (France domestic) + unlimited email + 300M data communication possible.

30 €; 1 month plan. Call unlimited (France domestic) + mail unlimited + 2G data communication possible.

◎ Package 2

15 €: Plan for 10 days. One hour of telephone call (within the EU) + 500 Mail + 500 M data communication possible.

Internet plain: 1 € data communication is possible with 9 €.


◎ Formule Touristes

19.99 €: 7 day plan. Call unlimited + unlimited email + 300M data communication + 12 minutes international calling possible.


◎ 2 €: 1 month plan. Talk (France) 2 hours, SMS + MMS unlimited, 50MB data communication possible.

◎ 19.99 €: 1 month plan. Call (French domestic) + SMS + MMS unlimited, 20 GB data communication possible.

+ SIM card fee separately: 10 €


 FREE's SIM card,  can be used in these countries other than France-

(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic , Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand) is also in such as,

Telephone + SMS + MMS is unlimited in these country and France, 25 GB data communication is avaialable.

If you purchase for a short-term trip, be sure to purchase according to the length of your stay and do not purchase an indefinite type as it gets renewed automatically

Also, do not forget to cancel the SIM lock before using these sim cards .